International School on Muslim women and Islamic wakening-1
International educational course of Muslim women and Islamic wakening was held by " Taranom Andisheh NGO" on September 20th-26th in Tehran.
The participants of this course were twenty Lebanese female social activists.

A summary of the program:
regarding the attendants' needs, the objectives, educational concepts of "Islamic awakening" and the role of Muslim women, feminism analysis, women's right in Islam and the role of international agencies in ruining the foundation of family were considered.

At the first educational course, Ms. Shri'at Madar lectured about the analysis of the changes in the area, the factors affecting these changes and the intended requirements, the analysis of the role of women in making changes and the impact of their presence in continuing the changes and the role of Muslim women of other countries in generating Islamic awakening.

In the educational course of feminism analysis lectured by Ms. Alsvand, three dimensional feministic movement, the way each movement its doctrines are formed, their intellectuals, the consequences of escorting these school thoughts and the analysis of basic Islamic and feministic instruction paradoxes were taught. The concept of "Women's Rights in Islam" was the third issue which was analyzed in this course. In this educational period, issues like Islamic System of rights, duties and fixed rules and determinations of jurisprudence in the realm of Islamic jurisprudence and also removing some religious doubts regarding women issues were dealt with. Dr. Farahmand Pour was in charge of teaching this unit. The next concept was "the role of international agencies in ruining the foundation of family' which was taught by Ms. Nekoo Ravin.

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