International School on Muslim women and Islamic wakening-2
International school on “Muslim Women and Islamic Awakening 2” was held by Taranom Andisheh NGO in 1st to 7th of May, 2012 (12th to 18th of Ordibehesht 1391) in Tehran.
About 31 social activist women from Lebanon participated this conference.

A look at the Conference
Regarding the needs of the participants, programs of this conference  were topics of “women in Motahari’s views”, “Islamic Awakening and the role of Muslim Women”, “analysis and critics of Feminism”, “women’ right in Islam”, “women in Imam Qomeini’s and Khamenei’s Thoughts ” and “Life skills”.
The conference was held in the Martyrdom of Motahari anniversary and in order to honor him and his approaches, his views about women and families were discussed by Ms. “Kafah Alhadad”.

Then, the women’s right session was discussed, in which the Right system in Islam and the responsibilities, the rules regarding this issue and the boundaries of being a Faqih in Islamic jurisprudence, and some questions about women in Islam were under debate in this session by Dr. Farahmanpoor.
The “analysis and critics of feminism” was presented by Ms. Alasvand. The triple schools of Feminism, their emergence, bases, ideas, scholars and consequences of these schools were mentioned and the contradiction between them and Islam were also discussed.

The next session was presented by Ms. Shariatmadar about Islamic resistance and approaches to reach the encourage resistance in the following generation, the importance of families and having a warm, peaceful and friendly environment in order to raise healthy children as one of the responsibility of mothers.
Later, Ms. Ayatollahi talked about Imam Qomeinie and Khamenei’s views regarding women; and she also talked about Life Skills and the required religious and psychological approaches to raise and train children.

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